April 29, 2009

NYC - Part 1 of Many

Well it's certainly time for a new update....especially since I got back from New York City on Sunday, after a gorgeous weekend! Steph and I sure lucked out with the weather...and the shopping! and oh yeah, photos too. I think I was taking pictures at least every other minute. There is just always so much to see in NYC. Everyone is going some where and it's funny to have me, just stop for a minute and take it all in. Every time I needed to stop, I pulled over out of the flow of human traffic on the sidewalks. When we got home, I loaded the photos onto my computer. I had filled two memory cards and it took awhile to transfer over the 1200 pictures I did take. So this week, there'll be some updates with photos of NYC, so please check back regularly!

And as always, enjoy!

My favorite building...the Chrysler Building...it's where Spiderman hangs out


St. Patricks...just like a typical European Catholic Church

Guggenheim...although it was being repaired for a big Frank Llyod Wright Exhibit...just will have to go back

Around the corner was the line for the NFL Draft...lots of guys...I only saw one girl....

Grand Central and the Chrysler Building

Rockefeller Center

Grand Central at night

New York's finest

The wedding shoe...from Jimmy Choo, it has Swarovski

the Sony Building

Webster Hall concert....or party, whatever you want to call it

this guy was good

Looking out from the Rockefeller Center

Looking at the top observation deck at Rockefeller

Stay tuned...more to come!

April 17, 2009

Easter 09

Well being the first Easter holiday and being engaged, Steph and I got to travel between both our grandparents houses....which are 5 minutes apart, so nothing to complain about, really. I got to have fun with Jackson and Eden. Eden is a ham and was always looking to see where the camera was. She also showed off her gymnastic talents, as her brother showed off his lacross skills with my younger cousins. I call them younger because they're 6 foot 4 and 6 foot 7. At 6 foot 2, it make me feel short. Anyways, enjoy as always.

In other news I have had a photo book printed. I'll take some pictures of it and see if anyone wants one. I'm thinking $35-$40? Enjoy your weekend!

Uncle Paul showed everyone how it's done in Wii Sports.

Somehow I feel there's a bit of mockery here...

Running hard

Showing off...

...and posing

Caught by surprise

Good food...

April 8, 2009

Providence Photos

To celebrate the fact that I am a "Featured Artist" on the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce website, I am posting the photos that I had submitted to be a part of a gallery that will be on display at the website until August 1. Here's the link: http://www.provchamber.com/featured_artists.aspx


This was on Westminster Street.

A photo album of Providence wouldn't be complete without Water Fire.

Looking up Thomas Street at night.

The once open Arcade (this one is used on the website)

RISD Alleyway

Lone man on Richmond Street.

Restaurant on Westminster. This guy was hard at work.

The courthouse...spooky stuff eh? (This one is also on the website)

Another alleyway off of Westminster Street.

As always, click on the photo to enlarge.

April 1, 2009

Black & White Train Cars

So I started my new job a few days ago, and noticed today that there were some train cars between the warehouses. During my lunch, I walked outside to wonder a bit, and came across the two lone train cars. There is a train yard a further way back. I put them in black and white because there really was no color, even though it is spring. Hopefully next week will bring some more color. Enjoy the solitude!