December 9, 2009

This post has gone to the dogs!

It's a good thing I love dogs because there were a bunch of them in Providence this past weekend! I headed over to the Convention Center with Steph and we watched all the show dogs do their thing, and got to talk with a few breeders and even play with a few...dogs that is...not the breeders...that'd just be weird. Steph found her favorite breed, the mini schnauzer, and even got to help a breeder holding on to a pair. And I found mine, the Bernese mountain dog! They're big loveable and cuddley. The one I met had paws the size of my fist. He was the kind of dog you'd want to snuggle on a cold night because they're so warm and fluffy. Anyways, enjoy the photos and keep you eyes out for some new B&W ones too!

the mini schnauzer...they always look mad!

napping after a tough round of showing off.

best paw foward

i didn't know Christmas elves traveled this far south

the great dane...I wanted to strap a saddle on his back and go for a ride. those things are huge!

this one reminded me of my old dog Sam. except he was black and not brown.

"You looking at me?"

"Get me off of this thing!"

the mini schnauzer again.

the scotty

the westie...all poofed up

i felt a little bad for this guy

my fav, the bernese mountain dog



watching her brother on the show floor

resting up

this was the one i got to play with before his big show. i think he won too.

happy to be with all the other dogs

getting brushed before seeing the judge

i think this is a toto relative....i can't remember.