November 27, 2010

Bandit & Tobey is taking soooo much time out of my photography! I snapped some shots of Bandit and Tobey while they were home with Mom and Dad this past week in between homework, and eating turkey. Other than that, I got nothing. You can check out Steph's new blog ('s been getting more visits than me! It's all about baking really good stuff. My waistline is living proof. Literally....enjoy!

November 1, 2010

Vintage Camera

The Agfa Ansco Junior. A vintage camera that I cannot find any film for so you won't be seeing any photos from it, but will see photos of it. It's a classic piece that was always used way back before I was around. I found it while exploring an antique store that I was told had cool stuff...and a lot of crap. So after Steph and I fished through a bunch of it, we found this gem. So enjoy!

Pats vs Vikings (28-18)

Ah Sunday football. I was back at Gillette with Jay and Lesley. And it was an awesome game. Brady and the gang really laid into Farve and Moss (even though now Moss is no longer with the Vikings either). We were pretty sad to see Farve leave though with a cut on his chin.....ok maybe not. And with it being Halloween, there were some more interesting folks in costume, and some not so much either, as you'll see below. It was such a great game and even though we froze our butts off, we had a blast! Enjoy!

Architecture Field Trip

This was certainly a jam packed weekend! Saturday was a field trip over to Connecticut to check out a machine and laser making factory. It was pretty interesting...not as gritty as the steel yard, but very pristine and spotless. The we headed over to Yale, which had an interesting array of architecture, and students. I would have not expected the crowd we saw. One guy was tight roping, and another group was LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). Our tour guide was the typical Yale student, but he was a good sport to put up with us. So here's the first post from the weekend.

Some of the machined pieces...they were so shiny!

Futuristic no?

Lyndsey and Esteban taking in the architecture of the forestry school building.

The windows of this library are thinly cut pieces of marble

Since there's no direct sunlight, the books are kept safe.

The pink tight rope walking kangaroo

This is the graduate studio space...It has better computers than some offices I've worked in!