July 18, 2010

Four Legged Brothers

Bandit and Tobey were home this weekend, so I was able to get a few shots in between them running around the house and outside. I had to be quick because they didn't want to stay still at all! Bandit would run one way, and Tobey would follow right after. When the two wrestle, you can tell where one begins and the other ends! It's one big blur of spots. It'll sure be quiet when the head back to Maine for awhile. Enjoy!

Digging for something...

Bandit has that "I'm not teasing him" look.

It was hot, so Bandit took the opportunity to rest while Tobey was sleeping.

Swimming to cool off.

He's learned to sit.

Synchronized dog paddling


Sharing a stick.

Not sharing anymore...

Tobey finally pinned Bandit down.


So for my latest studio project, I get to design a fire station. The class went down to the Middletown Fire Station and I was able to take as many photos as I wanted and we got the run of the place for a bit. It's fun to actually see what these guys do, where they hang out, and all the inner workings of a place. Here are some of my more favorite shots.

This one was on the way. I exposed it way too much without knowing so I tried to get the picture back...kind of a cool affect eh?

July 4, 2010

Sparklers and Dogs

The only thing missing from this 4th of July post are photos of a cookout. So since Tobey has gotten home, I've been trying to take a lot of photos...although unpacking boxes are getting in the way. Tobey is getting along with Bandit very well. So far neither of them have gotten fed up with the other. I got them playing together, and then Bandit hopped up on the couch to get away for awhile. Tobey can't quite make it up there yet...and Bandit uses that to his full advantage and teases him. And since the two of them went up to Maine, Steph and I hung back in RI and played with sparklers. So enjoy those too. We had fun running through the dark trying to make up some cool designs.

Happy 4th everyone!

It's great when he sleeps...it means he doesn't nibble on your ankles!

Bandit taking a break before Tobey wakes up for another round.

Have you ever seen a happier puppy?

The brothers sharing nicely.

Bandit got fed up and left.

Sparkler light drawing!

You can tell this one is Steph because it's on the lower portion of the photo...

Don't get dizzy.