April 18, 2010

Inad & Sharon's Wedding!

Well this past weekend, my two great friends got hitched! Inad and Sharon looked absolutely fantastic. And lucky for me, I got to be in the wedding too! So my gorgeous assistant and soon-to-be bride, Steph took some great photos at the beginning. She did great even though she had never used my new camera (which is equally awesome). I didn't have the chance to grab my camera when we went off for formals, so I took out the iPhone and shot what I could. The ceremony was great, and the reception got even better. Between the cake and the belly dancer, there was quite a bit of excitement. Sharon looked beautiful and Inad looked quite dapper. And it was certainly a night to remember. They kept reminding me that I only have a month to go to ;-)

Enjoy the photos!

This one and the next two are the iPhone photos....not too shabby if I do say so myself

The beautiful groom

The first kiss as husband and wife

So happy!

The cake is this way Inad!

Father Daughter Dance

Inad and his mother-in-law

Who's gonna catch the bouquet?

The extremely talented belly dancer.

Sharon's dad dancing with the belly dancer

Inad riding high on his cousin's shoulders

Sharon holding on for dear life...If you see her, ask her about it

Inad's older brother, Mo. Very funny guy.

Steph teaching Inad's nephew the running man.

Bob and his lovely daughter...give it awhile Bob and you'll be walking her down the aisle.

Bilbeisi brothers.


Nothing but trouble those two...

April 4, 2010

Easter '10

Happy Easter! Hopefully you all have enough chocolate to last a little while. As usual, Steph and I hopped around northern RI, and as usual...we're exhausted. And now we're really in the home stretch for the wedding too! Anyways, I got to play with my new camera and get some shots of everyone outside and around Gram's house....so enjoy the photos!

Eden taking a swing

The cabin windows

It was such a gorgeous day out!

Playing ball

Lots of running around

Looking over the edge

Chomping away at the ball

Such a sad look!