August 19, 2009

It's Finally Summer in Maine

Well, I'm a little later than usual with this must be the heat. Eh well. This past weekend was a beautiful weekend to spend in Maine. Too bad Steph had to work. So it was guys weekend with Ryan, aka the Crazy Aussie. The weekend was filled with wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing, and kayaking. So needless to say, I slept like a rock. I think this was the first weekend where the sun was out for more than 48 hours. It was also the tail end of the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately, the meteors flew in the opposite direction I had my camera pointed...that and if I left the camera exposed for too long, believe it or not the Earth's rotation blurs all the stars. But anyways, enjoy the shots that I did manage to take!

Lily Pads and clouds, once again, some of these are available to buy.

One of the rocks in the middle of the lake.

Flowers playing hide and seek

Starry night

Bandit was pretending to be Jaws

Ryan showing off his sweet skills on the knee board.

Getting some air.

August 9, 2009

Chad LaMarsh Party Cruise

Saturday was fantastic! Steph and I headed up to Boston for the Chad LaMarsh Party Cruise. Chad is a good friend of ours, so when he invited us up to Bean Town for music and drinks, we really couldn't pass it up. (We'd be crazy not to!) So we headed over to the pier, grabbed a hot dog, and jumped onto the boat. I'd say the 3 hours wasn't long enough, but hey, the party just moved from the water and went on land. Thanks Chad for the great weekend!

Check out more of Chad at his website, and also go be his friend on Facebook...why? because I said so!

Planes landing at Logan

Wicked guitar solo

The crowd...waiting for booze

Here Chad is rocking want a listen? He's on iTunes too.

Someone's a little camera shy

Mingling with the fans.

Living Large in Boston

Well, I didn't think I was going to get around to posting these tonight, but I figured I'd be ambitious. This weekend, Steph and I traveled up to Boston for a party cruise (see Chad Lamarsh post). We got to ride on one of the boats, see the Boston Harbor, enjoy some drinks and live music, get into trouble, eat good food, and then this is the best part...stay in the Presidential Suite at the Intercon. I must say although there was little down time, we had a blast. The views from the suite were amazing, the swordfish I had was fantastic, and Chad and company were fun and awesome! And not only did we hang out with the singer, we also saw Tracy Morgan from SNL drive by in a bright yellow Lambo. (I knew I should have grabbed my camera then!!!) So here are some shots I took...when we weren't getting into shenanigans!

Enjoy...and check out the party cruise photos in the post above this one!

The t stop reminds me of my high school days...go green and gold northmen!

Brunch with a golden....some how I don't think I'd get to enjoy the bacon as much with her staring at me with those puppy eyes

Even the seagulls were enjoying the music

Ahhh...young love

The boat stopped right around the runway of Logan, so this was the view a few times. Very cool.

The grand piano in the Presidential Suite

The view out of my office, with a little reflection.

Couldn't see very well, but good placement

I love this archway, it's great.