November 19, 2009

Meg & Brian's Wedding & A Trip to Newport

Well what better to do on a cloudy day then post some pictures that make me forget about the clouds, impending rain, and my runny nose. (Don't worry, it's not the swine.) This past weekend, Steph and I, along with many other friends, headed over to New Paltz, NY. Where's that? Well...between NYC and Albany, hidden in the mountains. Although driving to the top of the mountain was scary as all heck, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. Even more beautiful was one of my close friends, Meg. She and Brian had met at the Mohonk Resort, so how fitting that they got married there. The fog rose right after they said their "I do's" and you could see the lake and the rest of the rocks surrounding it. So now here are the photos for Meg and Brian's wedding. Thanks you two for a fantastic time!

And then this past Monday, Steph and I didn't want to miss out on the beautiful day, and we went down to the Breakers in Newport. It was cold and windy, but luckily we got some good shots and good fudge too. I gave Steph my camera to take a few photos, so there are a few featured photos by her too. So all in all, enjoy the photos!

First dance.

I don't think I saw a frown from anyone that day.

Meg- You were gorgeous!

Matt reading to the bride and groom

The rings

And the first kiss!

The fog lifting outside

Some architectural details

The view outside of the room

Of course...Pell Bridge

Sunset at the Breakers

Steph's fall photo

Another Steph photo

November 9, 2009

Fall '09 Collection

So I've fallen a little behind on my posts. Things have gotten pretty busy with new jobs and consultations, and wedding planning, and wandering around, and class, and a whole bunch of other stuff! I've put together a collection of color photos, and black and whites. Some fall photos from Maine a few weeks back, some others from the Pumpkin thing at Roger Williams (which is never as good as Keene's Pumpkin Festival...oh how I miss KSC). And some new black and whites which are supposed to be a part of a diptych or tritych (I've linked to wikipedia if you're not sure of what that is.) I love this time of year because of all the color....except you have to capture it the day you see it, otherwise the wind takes down a lot of the colorful leaves. And the trees are just about ready for winter....brrrr.

Anyways, I'm off to New York again this weekend. Not the city though. Some mountainous place that looks cool, so keep you're eyes open for some cool shots. And enjoy these!

I've had my head in the clouds the past few weeks.

This one and the next one are all formatted if you want it as a background.

Roger Williams Pumpkins


Indiana Jones vs. Spiderman....hmmm tough call

Door #1? #2? or #3?

Classic Cameras...the Canon A-1 and the Kodak 6-16 Brownie

Optical Illusion or funky building?


Pell Bridge on a cloudy day.

Candy? Yes please!