May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Puppies

Well this weekend has been extremely busy and I'm already ready for the next weekend. I worked with Olivia Gird ( for two weddings and had a blast! She is so much fun to work with, and it was such a great learning experience too! I took a lot of photos, so hopefully, I'll get to put some of those up. (Check out the ring shot on the old fashion telephone.)

But in the mean time, I also got to take some more fun pics of the puppies in my life. No one threw out any challenges...come on slackers, let's go. Anyways, keep thinking and send me something please! In the mean time enjoy looking at Nellie and Bandit.

Nellie enjoying watermelon...yum

Getting tired after chasing a baseball that never hit the ground

Head's up!

She's nuts...that's the best way to put it.

Bandit got distracted...takes after... hey what's that over there?


Playing hide and seek.

Yup I found you.

May 13, 2009

NYC Part 3 - The Last of the Series

All right, this is the last batch of NYC photos. Some of these are going to be available for print if you go to And if you see one that you like that isn't posted, please feel free to drop me an e-mail requesting that I put it up. Hey, maybe if you're lucky I'll give you a deal on it too! Anyways, enjoy the photos, and I'm looking for ideas for future posts. If you got a place that interests you and you'd like to see some photos of it, just e-mail me your suggestions at

Thanks for looking and enjoy!

The entry to the Chyrsler Building

Cool wall covering at the top of the Rockefeller Center

Looking towards 5th Ave at Rockefeller.

St. Patricks

This little boy would scream at the puppy and the puppy would run around in circles and was cute.

Love in Central Park

The artists in front of the Met

Looking up at the Chyrsler Building...Up is really the only vantage point in NYC

The lone red tree

Flowers and Taxis

May 3, 2009

NYC - Part 2 of a few more

Hey all, here's the second installment of photos for you all to check out.

I'm also taking orders for the photo book ($40) Images to come soon.

Also go to to buy some prints too. Let me know if you want a different photo and I can arrange for it to be up there as well.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Exterior shot of St. Patricks

I had a slight obsession with fire escapes...

Hot dog...get it? There's always hot dogs in NYC...ok bad joke

Exterior of the Guggenheim

Central Park

I almost died getting this one

View from the top of the Rockefeller Center

The Chrysler Building

Dusk shot with the Chrysler Building

The top of the Rock is the popular place to hangout

They gave me the death stare because I was beating their photographer to the shots...

Central Park trees

Inside St. Patricks

Museum of Modern Art

Looking up in a phone booth, this was in the Clubbing District