May 31, 2010

Honeymoon to Provo

So I'm finally back from our wonderful honeymoon from the Turks and Caicos! And boy do I have photos! I think I averaged at about 100 per day...if not more. So make sure you have some time to look at these because there's about 75 or so. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect. The sunsets were beautiful, and it was just so fantastic! One of the days, Steph and I went horseback riding in the ocean. Neither of us had ridden before, so it was quite the experience. Steph wore a helmet because she was afraid she'd fall off the horse...they gave her a special short one....not really. She rode Sunshine, and I got Romeo. We're both very relaxed and are glad to be back home, but still miss the cinnamon buns from the breakfasts we got. If anyone is looking to get away and relax for awhile, I'd highly recommend heading down to the islands. And as always, enjoy the photos!

Our open air hotel lobby and courtyard

These flowers smelt so beautiful!

The Provo equivalent to the American mutt, the Potcake

Looking over Romeo's head


The famous Infinity Bar at the Grace Bay Club....It's a lot smaller in person

Everything is so blue! The colors pop on everything!

This was at night. The sky was so clear you could see a lot of stars.

Is it the sun or the moon? Did I use a cool Photoshop filter or not? You decide

Steph took this one, I'm rubbing off on her.

Another Steph photo

One more Steph photo

And the lovely panorama.