June 6, 2010


This weekend was a quick trip to Maine to pick out the newest puppy for the family. Yeah, that's right, a second puppy. They were all so cute! The puppies' parents were actually Bandit's parents as well. They were all so happy to see us. My parents had originally wanted a girl, but then a little boy kept begging for our attention and he put on quite the show, and even posed for the camera. So in a few weeks, we'll have Tobey. That means two dogs that might frequent the blog! Anyways, enjoy the puppy photos!

Bandit patiently waiting to go visit his little brothers and sisters.

Tobey running around.

Bandit and Tobey. Looks like they'll get along.

One of the girls begging to get out.

Playing around.

Tobey relaxing.

Smells like puppy...

Dad cuddling with one of the girls, nicknamed Angel because of the "wings" on her back.

Watching the explorer.

Angel jumping around.

Tobey being passed around.

What a face!

Bandit wanted some attention too.

Bandit got in the way. Tobey's eyeing him though.

Sophisticated pose

Silly pose

Nose to nose.

Bandit's grandma, Daisy May

Puppy lineup

There was a huge bird on our dock when we got back to camp.