January 22, 2010

2010 Car Show

Well this year's car show was a little disappointing but fun none the less. There were quite a few car companies missing. The one I missed the most was Pontiac, which was of course my favorite. Saturn, Mercedes, and Nissan were among the missing as well. I was also saddened by the fact that Ford didn't have any cool concept cars like they have had in the past. I'll have to post some favorites from car shows past. Luckily though, Lamborghini showed up for the first time. Those were roped off. There was a section of old British cars, which were very interesting, and the most fun to photograph. I find sometimes the older cars are the better looking ones....except any car from the 1980's. So enjoy the cars, and keep your eye out for some new updates to my webpage. I'm revamping the photography section with newer photos, and an easier to navigate flash thing too. Cheers! (I feel that's appropriate with the Brit cars...)

An old mini cooper

Some car called the "Triumph"

The "MGH"...I think it stands for Mega Good Hotrod?

This one was my favorite. If anyone would like to buy it for me, please contact me.

The show stealer

This is the tail end that you would see for a split second if this went by you on the highway


I'd like the Shelby Cobra....or the 1967 Shelbt GT

For the Transformers buffs, this is the back end of Bumblebee (Chevy Camaro)

January 20, 2010

First Snowmobiling Trip of 2010

This long weekend was spent up in Maine. There was a good amount of snow to do a little snowmobiling, and also play around in the snow. It was pretty cold walking Bandit out on the ice. The snowmobiles kept us warm as my dad and I zipped through the woods. The trails were rough, but luckily I woke up Monday morning to find about 4-6 inches of new snow. It was nice to be the first few on the new powder. We also played with our neighbors 6 month old golden retriever Willow, and her older brother, Cody. Of course, Bandit had a great time.

We helped this kid try and figure out where he was. He got his car stuck on a snowmobile trail...


Bandit was playing rough, so she got a lift to relax.

Look out!!!

Relaxing after a long day of playing in the snow.

Yummy Christmas ornaments

January 6, 2010

Christmas Cheer and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here's a post that should have been put up before the ball dropped. I took some portraits of Bandit, and I ended up using half a box of treats to keep his attention. That's how I got him to look at me. Patience and lots of biscuits is key to getting a good dog portrait. And then the other photos are just some Christmasy photos that Steph wanted me to take, so of course, I happily obliged. And as always, in the New Year keep your eyes out for new posts...except around May. Things may get a little busy, you know with the whole getting married thing and finishing the first semester of grad school and such. But none the less, I'll still be posting as much as I can. And with the fresh snow up in Maine, I'll be heading up for some fun snow mobiling photos!

Happy New Year and thanks for supporting the blog! And also, if you're in the Providence area, head down to the BankRI branch at Turks Head (the intersection of Westminster and Weybosset Streets). There's a showing of a few photos of mine. So please go take a look!


Bandit posing in front of the Christmas tree

Marvel at Steph's wonderful wrapping job.

A bit of a self portrait

I think this is what Christmas cheer feels like

More wonderfully wrapped presents

Bandit's very serious when it comes to his portrait

Happy 2010!

Maine Winter Hunting Trip

OK, here's my disclaimer. There are some dead birds in some of these shots (no pun intended). There's also some shot guns. We do eat the birds, so it's not wasteful....Ok so that's the end of that. I've fallen way behind on posts and hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow. That and I haven't taken many pictures since Christmas and I don't think everyone wants to see my family photos. There photos were taken when my dad, Steph's step-dad Denis, Bandit and I went up north to do a couple of days of hunting. I think we would definitely fall into the category of crazy because we went after it snowed about 8 inches a day before we got up there. Bandit did not stop, he was tracking and sniffing out the birds and retrieved them. Between the 3 of us we got 14 out of 18 birds. And surprisingly we weren't that cold. I think I shot more with my camera though. You'll have to excuse the shots from the back, because I didn't want to get in front of Dad and Denis when their shooting. So enjoy!

He never stopped running around in the snow!

Bandit found the bird...can you?

And he got the bird too.

Sharing the rewards

Nice shootin' Dad!

Denis waiting anxiously

Dad and his dog

He count to 3, then let him have it.

The view from the fields

I wouldn't mind this view every morning..

Look out birds....they're coming for you!


Bandit ready for day 2

Found one in the tree