March 19, 2009

Trees and Tires...and a Bathtub or 2

On my way to take care of Bandit, I always drive by this abandoned yard and house. I think it was foreclosed because it wasn't blocked off a few months back. Anyway, it's one of those houses that just collects stuff, and it never moves. That sort of thing intrigues me. On one side, there are people who are obsessed with keeping their house and yard in immaculate condition, and then they other side where they just let it be and have nature kind of take over. And it's awesome how that transformation happens. I've been meaning to stop and take some photos, and I finally did. I actually stopped by three times! Anyways, enjoy!

There's construction outside the house and Bandit loves the back hoes...

A lone tree surrounded...actually the pine tree is growing out of that larger one.

Somehow I don't think you could ever get clean in there.

I wish I knew how cars worked...or else I'd be one of those guys who restores them.

Anyone need a spare?

March 9, 2009

Nice Day in Newport

Steph and I went down to Newport yesterday. It was really nice out. 60 degrees, not too windy, a little cloudy, but overall pretty nice day to go exploring around. Steph was a good sport and was my model for the day. And I lucked out getting some good shots. Enjoy!

This was a cute little girl.

Some historic house on Thames Street.

One of my favs from the bunch I took.

Uh oh...those two are breaking the law of the sign...

Your daily healthy dose of tetanus.

In this instance, I actually like pink.

Hypnotized by the waves


These cracks are pretty cool upclose

Probably day dreaming about Jimmy Choos...or something

I think it's safe to say he isn't...

Scrounging for food be a kid and throw rocks in the ocean and think you've accomplished something...oh wait...I did that too... :)

Texture photo

I think they were out-of-towners...had some crazy accent

Kramer stole the lobster...(Seinfeld reference for those who don't get it)

Dog Sitting Weekend

The past few weekends, I have been dog sitting my parents dog, Bandit (an 8 month old Llewellyn Setter) and my future parents-in-law's dog, Nellie (an 8 year old Golden Retriever). They brought me through the woods and had a great time playing in the snow. With all this excitement, I need another weekend to relax!

Mushrooms in the morning....6:14 am to be exact...Bandit was up early...

Climbing dead stumps

Puppy paws

Day dreaming

He was running after something...He never stops!

Ok so maybe he stopped...

I interupted his day dreaming.

On my way to Nellie's

She loves her ball

She had just been groomed...nothing like fresh snow to get that clean shampooed smell off

She doesn't stop either...

Boy she loves that ball

Ok I'm tired now.