September 22, 2009

Black and White Photos

Well here's round one in the darkroom. Spent quite a few hours printing so hope you like them. If you ever see a print or prints that you like. Let me know and I'll make one for you...if you're lucky. jk


Once again, the Federal Reserve.

Feeling musical?

Neglected mills? Yes please! Let me know if you have any deteriorating architecture near you!

This one's a little dark. I'll probably go reprint this one.

September 21, 2009

Providence Water Fire Night

Ahhh the romance of Water Fire in Providence...I must have missed it. With the popularity of Water Fire in downtown, it's very hard to find a place to photograph things that haven't been photographed yet. That's ok because I enjoyed the challenge. I'm sure everyone has seen the Providence skyline with the fires burning in the won't see it here. :-D I forget that Providence is really beautiful at night, so Steph and I (joined by Inad and Sharon) explored downtown and Westminster St. So enjoy the photos and such.

Also, expect some black and white photos soon. I'm hitting the darkroom hard tonight! Also, if you want to participate in a photo project with me, shoot me an e-mail!

Thanks for looking and, as always, enjoy!

Ahh the Federal Reserve Building...I better take all the pictures I want of this place, because come May, I don't think Steph will be happy if I have my camera in my hand on our wedding...

Or maybe she'll let me take a few...

Artistic Photoblurage

This one's my favorite

this one is my second

I know...I posted a typical waterfire shot...but it's nice..

September 18, 2009


So this is a nice Friday bonus post. I started up in the darkroom again, and it's back to basics. So this week's assignment was Photograms. Basically, you take objects, put them on top of photo paper, and shoot light onto the paper, creating an x-ray effect. Here are 4 that I did.

Also! I'm looking for volunteer hand models. It's a project that my crazy head has come up with, and I'll give you more details if you e-mail me. It's going to be a running series that I want to start, so if you're interested let me know. And I need a lot of volunteers, so interested!!!

Enjoy the photograms, and have a great weekend!

Lego Indiana Jones jumping over guards...on an abstract metal grate....hmmm...

Exploding Vase Number 1

Exploding Vase Number 2....what is that stuff? I'll keep you guessing.

Walking down to slide up? Wait..uh...what??

September 13, 2009

Warwick and a Flashlight

I know I know, I missed last week, but...well...I have no excuse. Oh well... So this weekend I took a trip down to Warwick. I've been meaning to take some pictures at the Pontiac Mill. I had some success until I got to the gate that said "Beware of Dog". Had there not been a sign, I would have been a little more rebellious, but I didn't want to take a chance with a dog. So I took a few shots, then traveled to the Aldrich Mansion...which was gated off, so I went to the Warwick Neck Lighthouse...which was gated off, and then proceeded to Cominicut Point Park, which wasn't gated! So success there. And the past few nights, I've been playing with my flash light so I hope you enjoy those photos as well.

Keep your eyes open because I've recently enrolled in another black and white photo class to refresh myself on the dark room process and all the chemicals and such, so I'll be posting those as soon as I start printing.

Also, you can go see some of my black and white work at Petit Managé, 129 Weybosset St. in downtown Providence. They got crepes, paninis, and smoothies. All very good. And in December through February, I'll be displaying at the BankRI gallery at One Turks Head Place, in downtown Providence.

As always, some of the photos are available to buy, and enjoy!

The Pontiac Mill on the Pawtuxet River...I wouldn't want to go swimming in that...

View from the Warwick City Park beach

At Cominicut Point Park

And back at the Warwick Park

Ummm...who wears rain boots? apparently my neighbor...

Warwick Neck Lighthouse...Good thing I'm tall because I held the camera over the gate on that one.

Cominicut Point again

Steph's artistic light work

Ahhh...Palm tree...

iPhone...needs work I think

The best one out of the bunch if I do say so myself

September 2, 2009

Returning to Black and White Photos

Alright, so I'm a little behind this week. This weekend was an enjoyable and relaxing weekend in Maine...and when I say enjoyable, I mean it rained one day, so there was a campfire all day, and sunny the next day, and we just took advantage of it. But even more reason to relax...why you ask? Well because yours truly is being featured at a little restaurant down in Providence on Weybosset St. and later on this year, I will be featured at the BankRI galleries. All of the photos that are going to be showcased are all black and white photos, so that's why I'm posting these. Most of these were taken during my earlier years as a photographer, but there will be more to come as I return to film for awhile. So enjoy and comment. And heck, if you really like them, go buy 'em. Just click the link on the side bar.

"Time's Up" featuring my friend Erin (check her out here)

"Lost" Found this lone wine glass down in the Bahamas


"The Phone Call"

"American Icon"...although its fading away


"Alley Way" (my creative titles are awesome!)

"Spades" down in Newport

"Tangled Woods" Get it? It's a joke...

"Cabin Windows"

"Metal Jungle"