June 24, 2009

Dad's Day and Dogs

In the spirit of Father's Day this past weekend, today's post is a tribute to Dad. Always a reliable, not afraid of the camera, and a true inspiration. And lucky for Dad, Bandit decided it would be a great Father's Day present to jump into the dirty pond and then ask for a bath. And even Bandit's friend, Tristan, joined in as well. Why wasn't I helping you ask? Well, someone had to take pictures and document the day...sheesh. Also thrown in are some past photos I've taken as well.

Anyways, Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there. And a special thanks to my Dad, just for being great! Enjoy!

Fourth of July last year.

Contemplating his next Maine project.

Training and hunting.

Bandit before the bath.

During...he looks so pitiful.

And after...

Tristan getting a bath too!

Drying out Dad and Tristan

He almost got me!

June 9, 2009


OK so the past few weeks I've been compiling a bunch of random images. They have been taken from a few places around RI, Mass, and NH. So enjoy the hodge podge of photos.

Bandit relaxing after a long day of playing.

Flowers in Mom's garden.

Nacho running like the wind!

Playing on the highway...not really...Steph was driving

The Wedding Dress

So this past week, I got to go up to NH to Steph's aunt's house. I got to borrow an old wedding dress and try out some new things, and to also get used to being a wedding photographer. While Steph and Andrea caught up, I got to hang with the dress and Nacho, not the snack, the dog that shows up in the photos.

Anyways, this begins my wedding photography portfolio. Enjoy!

Nacho was getting jealous that I was only taking photos of the dress.