August 30, 2010

Cape Cod

This past weekend was full of weddings. I was out in Cape Cod for one, and did a little exploring afterwards. (That wedding will be posted soon). I was out in Eastham, and the views were gorgeous. All the surfers were hitting the water. On my way home I saw a few other shots that I stopped and took too. Keep your eyes open for the wedding post. Enjoy!

The Coast Guard House

I love the colors in this sunset.

The Sagamore Bridge, without the traffic.

Trip to Maine

Another trip up to Maine. Got some good shots around the lake and when we went hunting to start training Tobey. The loons on the lake have started to come much closer to the docks, so I was able to get the mom and baby loon swimming around. There's also a bald eagle and her baby too. Lots of wildlife in the middle of Maine. The dogs were so happy to run around in the fields. They ended up sleeping for the rest of the did I. Enjoy!

The loon shaking off after a dive.

Bandit was definitely enjoying the boat ride.

Tobey running to see his sister, Sophie.

Retrieving the bird.

Water break.

He was so happy to be out running around, sniffing out the birds.

The bald eagle and her nest. If you look closely, you can see the baby eagle.

Chris and Emilia's Wedding

A wedding where I really didn't have to work! My cousin Chris and his wife got married a few weeks back in Hanover, NH. It was a gorgeous day for the wedding. The candy bar was fun, and the food was great. The photo booth they had was also a hit.

Steph took this one. She had to try a few times to get a candid shot.

Gram eyeing the treats at the candy bar.