October 21, 2009

B&W Photos - Round 3

Hey, quick post today. Not much of a story to tell. These are some of the latest prints from the darkroom. They're all randoms from Rhode Island, planes, NYC and other places I've wandered off to. If you like them a lot, let me know and I'll make you a print. Enjoy!

October 13, 2009

World War II Planes

Well this past weekend was a working one, so I didn't have much time to shoot while I was in Maine...ok so maybe I did shoot but certainly not a camera. My dad took my mom and I on a shooting lesson, which was awesome! But anyways, this post is for the gear heads and WWII buffs. Last Tuesday, three WWII planes landed at the North Central Airport in Lincoln, and I got to explore some of these awesome beasts. The "Wings of Freedom" planes included the B-17, B-24, and the P-51...and I don't really know what that means... Anyways, being that my grandfather was in WWII, it was even more personal to me just to know that these were the kinds of planes that supported him and the Army.

So enjoy the planes, and keep your eye out for more b&w photos later this week.

The P-51, "Betty Jane", in between the props of the B-17 "Nine O Nine"

Bomb count of the B-24, "Witchcraft"

I could only imagine being the gunner in the front. Gives a whole new meaning to "shotgun"

Walking the plank through the bomb bays

Also forgotten..."Warning: Explosives"

Betty Jane flying past the newer Cessnas

I wish I knew how to fly this bad boy!

One WWII Vet, I overheard him telling some stories

Can you see me?

I love this one "You'll get a bang out of this one"

October 5, 2009

Back to the Big Apple

This past Sunday it was back to NYC for Steph and I. At first, I was slightly bummed to miss the Patriots/Ravens game, but then was thankful for our DVR. We went down to Soho, proceeded to get caught up in Chinatown, walked back to Soho, stopped off in the Flat Iron district, and then ended up at 5th Ave (surprise surprise). Needless to say, my feet were dead to the world Sunday night. Once again we had wonderful blue skies, as you can see. It was a gorgeous day. This time around, my obsession was the Flat Iron building, and the graffiti and water towers. Next time, I want to get in one of those helicopter tours. Or maybe I'll luck out and be bitten by a radioactive spider and become Spiderman...he's a photographer to you know! Anyways, enjoy the photos, and keep your eye out for some B&W photos from NYC after I hit the darkroom.


Blue skies and the Flat Iron

Empire State from Madison Sq.

More of the Flat Iron...Did you know this is home to the Daily Bugle in Spiderman?

NYC Police protecting, serving, and mainly observing

23rd St. Subway Station

The most beautiful building in NYC, the Chrysler Building

Escapes and Water Towers.

One lone water tower.

Random graffiti.

One building lit up by the reflections of the sun.

October 1, 2009

More B&W Photos

Alrighty, here's a batch of photos I printed the other night in the darkroom. Some are from the woods behind my parents house, others are from the shisha bar Steph and I went to with some friends, and another is from a wedding I was the second shooter at.

Keep you're eyes open for future posts. It's the fall season, and that means time for hunting! I'll be heading out to go up to Maine for some trips, so stay tuned!

I knew people generally blink when they get their pictures taken, but I didn't realize dogs do too.

Can you figure out what this is? Good luck...

Sparks and shisha anyone?

Inad being a dragon...and Sharon trying to do the same...

Ooooo...motion blur.