September 16, 2010

Trip to Concord, NH

This past Monday, I took a day trip up to Concord to visit my friend Erin. We explored...and got lost...and explored...and got more lost. But along the way we got a bunch of good photos. We reverted back to our college ways and snuck into some places, and then jumped in the car and ran! Oh the things we do to get great pictures. Anyways, luckily we found our way and walked the back alleys of Concord, and checked out a local antique store. Anyways, enjoy the photos!

There were a ton of birds on the way to the RR bridge.

I love old barns that are falling down.

I love this one.

Stretching the stomach at the hot dog stand.

If this was Sam Adams, I would have taken it.

Konstantin & Anastasia Married

A few weeks ago, I headed out to Cape Cod for my first solo wedding. It was a small little ceremony with just Konstantin & Anastasia. They were a lot of fun and were willing to try out some different things....even though they probably thought I was crazy. So here's some shots of their wedding at the Coast Guard Beach over on the Cape. Enjoy!