January 30, 2011

2011 Car Show....Kind of....

I really think this year's car show was a bust. I was very disappointed in the fact that none of the dealers had any concept cars out to show. Usually Ford or GM impresses me, but this year, Ford put a baby blue, egg shaped Focus on display, and GM is still riding the popularity of the Camaro redesign. So as I wandered around, I came across the British section, where if you remember from last year, had some great vintage British cars that I loved! This year, they were showing off 5 motorcycles. I ended up spending more time around the motorcycles rather than the cars. The vintage ones photograph so well, and the detail in them is great. So I hope you enjoy the photos of the motorcycles from the car show!

These bikes are so sexy!

A Snowmobiling Weekend

Well Martin Luther King weekend was an eventful one. Although the Patriots totally screwed up their game and lost, I was able to get a bunch of great shots. There wasn't nearly as much snow up in Maine as there was in Rhode Island, but it was still very much a winter wonderland. Dad and I trekked through the forests of Maine (maybe even get a little off track at some points). There was one spot that we went by and came across an old Chevy from the 50's. Also buried under the snow was a frozen propane tank...which I just so happened to fall on with my knee...I'm still feeling it. Quite painful, but alas, the photos were well worth the pain. So enjoy the winter photos from Maine!

January 13, 2011

The First Snow of 2011

Ah, well winter is definitely here. And today, I've been sitting recovering from shoveling and snow blowing all day yesterday. So I figured, what better way to spend my time than to try out some new features in Lightroom, and edit a lot of the photos I took today and yesterday, all while having the heating pad on my back! Both days were absolutely beautiful for some winter photos. Granted trudging through 18 inches of snow was hard, but the end product was well worth the soaking wet boots. Yesterday after the snow subsided, it was so peaceful and quiet out in the woods. And today, the birds were chirping bouncing from tree to tree, and in some instances, loosening up enough snow to almost come down on me. I love the white snow and the blue sky. Something about the fresh snow that makes the sky look that much more blue.

Anyways, enjoy the photos! And stay warm too!